Economic Damages in Texas Personal Injury Cases

Economic Damages in Texas Personal Injury Cases [2023]

Every day people are injured in serious, even catastrophic, accidents in Texas. Wrecks, falls, fires, explosions, animal bites…the list of unexpected tragedies is endless. One minute someone is healthy and carefree, the next they are in the emergency room wondering

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civil statute of limitations

Civil Statute of Limitations Texas

What is a Civil Statute of Limitation in a Texas Civil Case? The statute of limitations is essentially a deadline for filing a lawsuit. The purpose of these statutes is to ensure that legal actions are initiated while evidence is

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navigating a claim against chubb

How to Maximize a Claim Against Chubb Insurance

Chubb as an Insurer  Chubb is a global insurance company known for its wide range of insurance products and services, including auto insurance. The size of Chubb’s auto insurance division is substantial. Chubb’s total net premiums written in 2020 amounted

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fort worth highway crash attorney

Fort Worth Highway Crash Attorney (2023)

Fort Worth Highway Crash Attorney: How We Can Help You As highways become increasingly crowded, the risk of accidents and collisions also increases. Being involved in a highway accident can be a life-changing event, resulting in serious injuries or even

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