Can you pay referral fees in Texas

An Ethical Guide to Referral Fees in Texas

How to Ethically Accept Referral Fees, Fee Splits, or Co-Counsel Fees We take attorney referrals as the highest compliment. When you call our firm and entrust a case with one of our attorneys, we know it is critically important for

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Answers for Elena Rios

Walmart Forklift Death: Answers for Elena Rios

On February 16, 2024, Elena Rios, a mother of four and grandmother of 13, was tragically killed in a forklift accident at a north Fort Worth Walmart distribution center. Elena was a 10-year employee for Walmart, certified to operate forklifts

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Surprise Ambulance Bill

New Texas Law Bans Surprise Ambulance Bills

When a patient is rushed by ambulance to the hospital, chances are they aren’t thinking about the cost of the ride or whether the ambulance provider is “in-network.” Their immediate concern is receiving emergency care. Weeks or months later, they

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Texas Oilfield Accident Lawyer

Texas Oilfield Accident Lawyer [2024]

Texas leads the nation in oilfield production, an industry that employs more than 480,000 workers a year. It’s a financially lucrative profession, with workers earning an average annual salary of $124,000. But these six-figure salaries can come at a price.

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Mistakes After an Accident

Mistakes After an Accident to Avoid

As a seasoned Texas lawyer, I’ve seen my fair share of car accident cases unfold. In the wake of an accident, the steps you take—or fail to take—can have significant legal implications. Here’s a rundown of common mistakes after an

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how do you find the best Auto Accident Lawyer

Choosing Your Ideal Auto Accident Lawyer

Navigating the complex legal landscape after an auto accident can be daunting. How do you ensure fair treatment and proper compensation for your losses? In this article our experienced auto accident attorney explains how to best deal with insurance companies,

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