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The AI in Medicine Scholarship, sponsored by Varghese Summersett Injury Law Group,  is designed to support the next generation of healthcare professionals who are committed to integrating artificial intelligence technology in the field of personal injury medicine. This scholarship aims to encourage research and innovation in AI applications, such as diagnostics, treatment plans, patient monitoring, and rehabilitation strategies, that can dramatically improve the care and recovery of personal injury patients.

This AI in Medicine Scholarship for $1,000 will be awarded to one undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an accredited U.S. university or college. The student should be pursuing a degree in a healthcare-related field such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, or biomedical engineering and should have a demonstrated interest in artificial intelligence and its application in personal injury medicine.

Applicants are required to submit a 2 to 5 minute YouTube discussion of an innovative idea on how AI could be used to enhance the treatment and rehabilitation process in personal injury cases. The video description must contain a link to and contain the hashtag #personalinjury. The video should address how their proposed AI solution could improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency in care, and tackle any potential ethical considerations.

Please send your video to We believe in the power of AI to revolutionize personal injury medicine, and through this scholarship, we hope to inspire students to become part of this exciting and impactful journey.

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