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Varghese Summersett PLLC has become a go-to firm for individuals facing the biggest challenges of their lives. The ability to command the courtroom and hundreds of successful trial results is just the beginning of why the firm has a reputation for excellence.

Our firm believes that proactivity and preparation pay dividends in the form of superior results in and outside of the courtroom. We have a reputation that has allowed us to attract and retain the finest legal minds in the area, from personal injury lawyers to family lawyers and criminal defense attorneys; whatever your greatest need, we are here for you.

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Anna summerset has been on top of everything THANK YOU for actually pushing and caring and actually working on my case

If your reading reviews like I do about some one before I hire them.

This is the one attorney you want on your side hands down.

Without question Ty Stimpson is the best personal injury attorney around. If you or someone you know is needing an attorney, call him & his team immediately.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review! We're honored to be recognized as the top choice for personal injury representation. Ty and our team are committed to providing exceptional service and support to our clients.
When I say Wade Griffin is one of the best attorneys in the DFW I mean it!His expertise has been invaluable in navigating me through two divorces. From the very first consultation, it was clear that Wade possesses a profound understanding of family law and a deep commitment to their clients.One of the standout qualities of Wade is his remarkable ability to balance professionalism with empathy. Divorce can be an emotionally taxing process, and having an attorney who is not only skilled but also compassionate makes a world of difference. Wade has consistently provided sound legal advice, while also being a supportive presence during difficult times. He would even take my calls after hours, which shows his dedication.Wade’s meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach have ensured that my interests were always protected. Whether it was negotiating settlements, dealing with complex financial arrangements, like my second divorce or addressing custody issues, as in my first divorce he handled each aspect with utmost competence. Both divorces turned out in my favor including custody of my 5 year old, at the time of my first divorce, daughter who just graduated from college! Wade played a huge role in that.Communication is another area where Wade and Lamour excels. They are always prompt in responding to inquiries, and they take the time to explain legal jargon in a way that is easy to understand. This transparency fosters a sense of trust and confidence, which is crucial when dealing with sensitive legal matters and is also why I continue to send friends and medical colleagues to him.Moreover, Wade’s courtroom presence is formidable. He well-prepared, articulate, and persuasive, which has been instrumental in achieving successful resolutions in contentious situations that I've seen him in during my divorces. I know other attorneys in Tarrant county and they all speak highly of him and several personally told me he would make a great Judge!Wade is an exceptional attorney whose expertise, compassion, and dedication have been a tremendous asset throughout my legal journeys. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a reliable and proficient family law attorney. His unwavering support and stellar legal acumen makes him an indispensable ally in any family legal battle.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your detailed and heartfelt review! We are delighted to hear about your positive experiences with Wade Griffin and our team. Wade’s expertise in family law, combined with his dedication and empathy, truly sets him apart. We are pleased to know that his efforts have made a significant impact during such crucial times in your life.Your acknowledgment of Wade’s professionalism, compassion, and meticulous attention to detail reaffirms our commitment to providing exceptional legal services. It’s wonderful to hear about the positive outcomes in your cases, including the favorable resolutions and your daughter's successful journey through college.Wade’s ability to communicate effectively and his formidable courtroom presence are indeed key strengths that benefit our clients. Your recommendation and continued referrals of friends and colleagues mean a great deal to us.Thank you once again for your trust and kind words. We are here to support you and others in any family legal matters you may face in the future.
Varghese Summersett is THE legal help for the DFW Metroplex.I was charged with a Misdemeanor B, and this firm was recommended by two past clients who both had successes in their respective cases.The entire staff was kind, helpful, and answered all my questions to help me feel safe and unafraid. I knew if I needed them for anything as they fought for me, I would get it with efficiency and sincerity.My case was dismissed with minimal court pre trial appearances and the weight lifted off my shoulders was tremendous.My attorney was Tiffany Burks. Her competence in the court room was unquestionable and she was clearly respected by all the associated staff. I felt relieved and confident in her abilities as my legal counsel and had no fears when she was on the job for me.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that Varghese Summersett and our team, especially Tiffany Burks, were able to provide you with the support and representation you needed during such a challenging time. Your satisfaction and the successful resolution of your case are our top priorities, and we're grateful for the opportunity to have assisted you. If you or anyone you know ever requires legal assistance in the future (family law, personal injury and of course criminal) please don't hesitate to reach out.- The V.S Team
With out a doubt I am very satisfied with and I highly recommend this excellent firm. I say this not only because of my favorable outcome, in my case a dismissal, which is what my attorney Christy Jack wanted from the start. I say this because it was the entire experience - from my very first phone call to the morning the case was decided and I said thank you and walk out feeling relaxed and fresh and ready to move on. I feel none of those lingering unpleasant feelings one is often left with after turning your life over to a stranger. I am so glad I withdrew from my first choice of attorney and went with my gut and hired this firm.This firm operates as a team, is exceptionally responsive, efficient, and understanding of ones particular needs. I was able to maintain an active role and actually participate in my case on a daily basis through their online system. I was never left feeling things were out of my control or out of my hands. That was very helpful, crucial, as legal matters can be overwhelming and weigh heavy as things move along so slowly.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your stellar review of our firm. We are always happy to be a source of comfort to our clients during a tremulous time--all while working hard behind the scenes to get exceptional outcomes. Your review reflects Christy Jack's communication, helpfulness, and understanding throughout. We wish you the best!
Brittni Forbis is an amazing person ! So attentive and always there when you need her.My quality of life would not be the same had I not had the privilege of dealing with her and I will recommend her to all and and any of my friends ,family ,or colleagues needing legal aid .Thank you Brittni!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that Brittni provided such attentive and supportive assistance, making a positive impact on your quality of life. Your recommendation means the world to us, and we're here to support you and anyone you refer in their legal needs.
Varghese has been the light in the darkness during such turbulent time in my life. They have been such a joy to work with. Going through with a law firm can be daunting and intimidating, but Varghese has been kind, patient, and understanding through it all! They update you on the whole process, and grind through the nitty gritty, determined to make sure you get the best help possible. Savannah and Kayleigh have been OUTSTANDING throughout my ordeal. Their kindhearted words and reassurance is what every law firm should emulate and aspire to be.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your heartfelt words! We're honored to have been able to support you during such a challenging time in your life. It's wonderful to hear that Savannah and Kayleigh provided exceptional care, kindness, and determination throughout your ordeal.
If you’re looking for an attorney who will fight from start to finish, look no more. Ty’s ability to provide exceptional service coupled with professionalism and a personal touch is unmatched. I highly recommend Ty Stimpson for any legal service needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that Ty's dedication, professionalism, and personal touch made such a positive impact on your experience.
Good quality people at this firm! I worked with Julie Waters when she was new to Family Law. I have enjoyed seeing her blossom. She is always pleasant, courteous and professional. She is an integral part of the team at Varghese Summersett!
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience with Julie! Your kind words are appreciated, and we're proud to have Julie as part of our team at Varghese Summersett. If you ever need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Great Lawyers! Christy Jack and Letty Martinez are one special team. If you’ve been wrongly accused of a serious crime then these are the people you need to see. They will shoot you straight the whole way and get you the most favorable outcome possible for your scenario.
I retained Christy Jack @ Varghese Summerset in November 2019 to handle a very complex revocation matter. I observed a genuine desire to advocate for my situation. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case; she knocked it out of the park!
During one of the most trying times in my life having Christy Jack with Varghese Summersett by my side was nothing short of a blessing. She was professional, courteous and very respectful in helping me with my situation. I highly recommend Christy Jack and Varghese Summersett to anyone needing an attorney in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

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How are these reviews earned?

If you take a moment to look at our 1100+ reviews, you’ll see a number of things. First, they were amassed over the better part of a decade. Sometimes, you see a product on Amazon with thousands of reviews but when you look at the reviews, you see they look more like spam than actual reviews. In contrast, take a look at ours. Real people who were facing massive problems who go to the other side and had great things to say.

Think also for a moment about how many great outcomes we have to have before any one person decides to leave a review. This isn’t your local barber or favorite eatery. Putting your name on a lawyer’s website is not as easy a thing to do. We’re very thankful for all the reviews, knowing that even if it represents a fraction of the work we do, each review is meaningful and heartfelt.

Who have we represented?

We have represented individuals with little means and we’ve represented wealthy individuals. We’ve represented folks who wanted to scorch the earth and others who want to resolve their case discretely. We’ve fought giants and prevailed. We have represented doctors, pilots, nurses, teachers, and pastors. The reviews on this page are from your neighbors and people who are the very fabric of this community.

We’ve represented people who make up the fabric of our community – from engineers to trash collectors, illegal immigrants to some of the oldest Fort Worth families.

We’re particularly proud of the fact that we are the lawyers that lawyers call when they get in trouble. We’ve represented a criminal defense lawyer in a trial and won. We’ve represented elected officials. We’ve represented a number of prosecutors. We’re equally proud of the fact that police officers who have seen us in court have later called to hire us, and that bailiffs who watch us in trial have called to refer a family member to us. We’ve represented probation officers. Being hired on those cases means a lot to us – because these are folks who see us and other defense attorneys on a daily basis – and to be chosen by someone who sees you day in and day out means a lot.

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