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Why Varghese Summersett Injury Law Group

Varghese Summersett has built a reputation for trying the toughest cases and winning. 

We are trial attorneys through and through. In a world where insurance companies and large corporations want to pay their way out of taking responsibility or making change, we have the tenacity to continue to press forward for clients who want to effect change. 

Whether our client’s highest priority is seeking justice through a monetary judgment or combining a monetary judgment with change, we will go the distance to achieve those goals.


About Varghese Summersett

In 2014, Benson Varghese established the firm that would become Varghese Summersett. He built a team of handpicked trial attorneys from across North Texas, each with extraordinary talent and passion for bringing justice to those facing difficult times. Collectively they have logged more than 500 trials by jury – giving them an unparalleled understanding of how cases are won or lost in courtrooms throughout the region. At its core, this powerhouse legal entity remains committed to helping individuals confront their biggest problems like family members would do: standing up against powerful opponents no matter what resources may be available on either side – all while delivering results!


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